Monday, July 21, 2008

I forgot!!

I was cleaning out my long list of blogs that I read and came across one and had no idea whose it was. Of course, I go and check for new posts and it has been a year since there was a post. I started reading one of them and it sounds vaguely familiar. DAMN!!!! It’s mine!!

So I must have forgotten about this blog. That is a shame since there have been so many times I have wanted to write and not be known and my Myspace page is not good for that. Glad I found this again.

I read my old posts and what a difference a year makes. In fact, I think I am going to hide access to the old posts. I was a bitter bitch. Of course, I had just had my heart broken, thought I would lose all my friends because of it, had no one to turn to when I needed to talk it out, and felt lost and alone. Turns out, the guy was a jerk and still is. I hated myself more for falling in love with a jerk. But, the best thing to come from it was my amazing friends. With them, I was able to pull through and met a great guy. One I almost pasted up because he is the textbook nice guy and Lord knows I am not used to a guy like that. One who just wants me to be happy and actually cares unconditionally about me.

So this begins a new chapter in my blog. Oh sure, I will probably still go off. call people all kinds of wonderful names, be my lovely angry self, but at least this time I will be able to have a little happy in there.

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