Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Move

As the uncertainty of his move starts to set in, I start realizing how much I am going to miss him. Let me digress a minute and give the background.
A few weeks ago he come over with the sad puppy dog face and couldn’t look me in the eye. Due to my history, I was thinking he was going to tell me his just didn’t feel that way for me, or he found someone else, or something else horrible. So when he told me that work was moving him back to DC, I was actually relieved. That is until I realized what this meant. The worst part in all of this is that they have told him it will happen, just not a specific date. So I am doing the practical thing and thinking that when they tell him we will then have 30 days till he has to be there. Really, every day that passes without news is one more day we get together.
Well we started off being super sweet to each other because we both knew that being asses to each other was a waste of our limited time. However, as weeks go by without news, we are starting to fall back into our old routine. (side note, I am in the office babysitting a class and I SWEAR someone is snoring in the class!!)
The stress of all of the move, major issues at work, school, and the battle I face in my house, is starting to wear on me and I wish I wouldn’t take it out on him. He is nothing but the best to me. He takes care of me, worries about me, makes fun of me, understands my crazy world and generally is the best thing I have ever had happen to me….so why do I take it all for granted way too often?
Ah well, knowing you do it is half the battle I suppose.

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