Friday, October 24, 2008

Multiple personalities

Some days, I want to take on the world, move up the corporate ladder, be serious, and very adult.

Some days, I wanna be carefree, enjoy life, make my blog bright and pretty, like pink, cook, organize, create gift for friends, talk about shopping (ok not so much), and just not have a care in the world.

I need to learn I can be very aggresive in my career, wear my work clothes, listen to NPR and my classical music ( I do it cause I like it!!), then come home, throw on one of the many pairs of Converse in my cloest, throw food all over the kitchen to cook, study a little, and enjoy a little pink mixed in my my favorite blue, gray, and purple. I can like flowers (just not in prints).

I feel like I am not normal sometimes in my likes and dislikes. It feels like sometimes no one but The Boy gets me. I am OK with that, but some days you just want to meet another soul like you.

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