Saturday, November 15, 2008

Baby Steps

15 minutes will change your mood.

I found the timer my mom made me use when I was supposed to clean my room and procrastinated. She would set it and make me clean for X number of minutes. It was supposed to make me clean and keep cleaning when it went off. Or at least make me feel that there was a definite end to the large task in front of me.

So I set the timer for 15 minutes and set out to clean the kitchen. 15 minute done and it looks a little better. I will probably do a few more 15 minute sessions tonight. 4 will make an hour. :)

I do feel better doing that and feel like I am getting things done. I also want to plan next week and see if the second week is the charm. Another plus was that one of the big things weighing on my mind, resolved itself while I was cleaning. There is one stress lifted.

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