Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some weeks I don't fee like working

I should REALLY be working today but I am just not in the mood. It isn't that I don't have a ton to do, but none of it has any firm deadlines so I am taking my time.

Instead of working and trying to do my best at my job, I decided to clean the Mac up, organize my bookmarks and my Google Reader feeds. Everything is so together now and organized. Too bad, my office looks like a bomb hit it.

So on Sunday, I chopped my hair off because I was bored with the long hair. I just felt frumpy and honestly, like a little kid. With the shorter style I feel a lot more confident. It also seriously cuts down on the time it takes in the morning. With the extra time, I can actually do my make up at the house and not at the office. Next step is to go shopping and get a few things for winter.

With the economy like it is, I just hate spending money on things that aren't a necessity. However, I don't want to go cheap on necessities just to save a little bit of money. I strongly believe that you spend the money on the basics because they last and never go out of style. Since I have a rare free weekend, I might venture out to start eyeing what I want.

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