Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cheer Up

Nothing cheers me up quite like ruining the curve in class!! Unit exam down, just the "group" project and the final left to go.

Speaking of group project....I am proud of myself that I didn't type an email in anger and send it on to my group members in response to their emails saying the paper looked good but STILL not giving any feedback or input into the project. I mean, one guy submitted 4 sentences in response to the Issues. And the other guy used Wikipedia answers or Google definitions to fill in the IRAC. Even then he wasn't original. He freaking used the same statement no less than 5 times in half a page of work. Yes, it was ALL he used. That is what I had to start this thing. When I sent them my first draft with strategically placed highlights of info and parts they could give me, they sent it back saying great job, looks good. I wouldn't change a think. Really, so I should turn it in with the highlights? I did ask one guy for input again and he said sure, let me look at it and I will get back to you. Not a peep since.

But I am proud of my work. I am proud I tackled a project meant for a group on my own. I did a damn good job and I will have the A to prove it. I just don't want these idiots to gain from my work. At least the instructor knows what is up.

Ok, soap box put up.

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