Sunday, January 11, 2009

My 6 year old drug dealer

I decided to get a few Brownie points and go to the office for a little bit on Saturday. When I was there the highly anticipated/must despised Girl Scout Cookie order form got placed in front of my by my boss. CRAP!!! I have a love/hate relationship with cookies....always have and always will. I went ahead and bought some for the hell of it and because it is protcol to purchase from your boss' daughter.

I got the shortbread ones which I don't normally get but I think I might use create a recipe with them. I am seeing something using Kahlua or rum just so I can call it a drunk Girl Scout!

Other musings of the day, the tree is finally down. I went everywhere (ok 2 places) looking for a tree storage bag with no luck so I am going to have to order one online and then I can put the tree in storage. I am working on getting ready for next week and trying to make my menu for the week. I am also trying to find something to bake and put in The Boy's care package going out tomorow. I promised him only sweets from Cooking Light so I have to find a good one for my first attempt.

I decided to finally throw caution to the wind and make my LONG deactive FaceBook account active. Wow, I have been living under a rock! I have been wondering about all my old friends and I was able to connect with so many of them this morning. The Boy would be so proud! For a brief fleeting moment I thought about linking this blog on FaceBook and I thought better of it. I started this blog to give myself somewhat of a free expression area and if I link then I feel like I have to censor myself on a few thing....that I would rather not do. I decided that if anyone wants it that they can ask me for it and then I can decide who it gets to a little better.

I will probably post a little later tonight but now I must straighten up the pig pen and get ready for next week.

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