Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our Adult Date

The Boy did good! He knows my dorky obsession with the Wind Symphony and with Big Band music. On the 10th there is a wind symphony concert with big band music. He got tickets!! He is going to go and sit with me and allow me to escape in my world. I gotta find something to wear!! I have been looking for a cute dress that I can wear to work and that would still look OK out.

Seeing as how I am in Texas, The Boy seems to think that everyone goes to rodeos. OK, I admit it that I have been to a few. He on the other hand has never been so next Saturday we are going. He got in just in time to go to the Ft. Worth Stock Show. This is going to be a VERY interesting thing to take the Canadian to. We should have a good time though since he has never been and I haven't been in a while. Hopefully, I won't have to work and we can spend a little more time at the Stock Show and enjoy our first Saturday together.

I got my EEOC paper done tonight and tomorrow I get to do my little 2 page IS paper. It should be a breeze. I alos have got to get food back in this house and get it ready for Friday. I can't wait to be able to cook for someone again!

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