Friday, January 30, 2009

Random Thoughs

1. I loved writing....loved being the word, I am so tired of writing papers and feeling rushed in my work. I should be working on an assignment instead of blogging. Oops.

2. I really need to clean the house up on Sunday or else it isn't going to get done before The Boy gets back.

3. Oh, because of the family issues and The Boy's work, he is coming here for V Day instead of me going up there! He will be here in less than a week and will be here for 2 weeks. I am sure I will be happy once he is here but right now I have so much to do that I can't begin to look forward to it.

4. I am still adjusting to all of the things that happened last week. One minute I think I am over it and the next I am not.

5. I wonder if I will ever have a job where I don't have to work Saturdays. I WANT that! Sure I know the occasional Saturday might happen but not EVERY Saturday. I have no clue what it would be like to have 2 months of 5 day work weeks. My normal work week is 6 days. I don't even get any comp day for my Saturdays. There are other issues that make this unappealing but I won't go into them here.

6. I am starting to feel bad that I haven't been following Weight Watchers like I should.

7. I will NEVER take this courseload again while I am working full time.

8. I want to start quilting. My grandma Lucy taught me but I haven't done it in so long I am not sure I would be able to. I did find a pattern that I might try if I can find some good fabric.

9. I think I am going to have to go cold turkey on my diet coke habit.

10. I loathe Hillshire Farms commercials.

11 I need to order a Christmas tree storage bag. I wanted to have it up when The Boy got here but I think I will get him to help me put it in the attic.

12. I love shoes but I only wear my Converse.

13. I wish I had a job I could dress up for. If I wore anything but jeans to work, they would think I was interviewing. (note to self, if I start interviewing keep jeans in the car)

14. I blog lurk. I just feel weird commenting on a total stranger's life. I am slowly getting over that but it still ties into my shyness. (oh yea, it's THAT bad).

15. I feel strange blogging because my life is BORING.

16. I love Nordstroms but the economy has curtailed my shopping. :( I would like a nice new spring dress and I have a gift certificate so I might have to do a retail therapy session soon. :)

17. I am Martha Stewart in my head. In actuality I feel more like Roseanne without the weight.

18. I am getting tired.

19. My fur babies are sleeping so soundly. I love watching them when they sleep. It makes me feel so peaceful and content. I have had my 2 babies for almost 13 years. I never thought I would be a cat person but I love these two twins more than anything. They have been with me through college, through a failed marriage, through 4 houses, numerous boyfriends, and my highest and lowest points. For looking identical, they are polar opposites. Annie is shy but the caretaker. When I cry she comes running. Buster is crazy and she is an attention whore...and I wouldn't have it any other way. The thought of not having them scares me and as they get older I can't stop thinking about it sometimes. I am not sure I am ready for that day. Nothing will ever be able to replace them. Same for my puppy even though I can't have her at my house because my parents stole her. :) She is my lake trash puppy. Wow, she is almost 10 too! My babies aren't babies anymore.

20. Bed time!!!

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