Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random Thoughs...part 2

Again, I am having issues thinking complete thoughts. The numbered list helps me since I am a planning freak.

1. I really need to make my doctor's appointment next week.

2. I need a vacation. The Boy is in town most of this month but I think on March 14th, I am going to go spend a day at the spa or maybe even have a little me getaway in town. I REALLY need to relax and get rid of some of this stress.

3. Sometimes I feel like people in my life say they support me going to school yet their actions say the opposite. People don't seem to realize how much work I have to do. I should be studying about 3 hours a night after I get home from school. I am good if after all the interuptions if I get an hour. No wonder I am already behind on my classes.

4. One of my friends is ring shopping. I couldn't help but feel excited for her and day dream a little on my own and do what we as females tend to do when looking at that stuff. I got pushed back down to reality. It's still fun watching her reactions and getting to hear that excitement in her voice. It makes me smile and feel so happy for her. It is a good diversion from other areas.

5. I feel like I don't do enough to give back.

6. After my post about my job today, I got an unexpected surprise. However, what was very good came with strings attached. I decided to go ahead and deal with the strings but I am fine without the good I am getting so I am going to pass it on to someone who could use it more than I could. BUT, I am putting restrictions on it's use. :) Ah, it is good to be on the other side.

7.Oh, #2 is starting to take shape. I might do the 5k in March and then the rest of that day, spend it on me.

8. I need to get back into current events. I took a 3 week break but I think it is about time.

9. I am getting really boring in my posts. I think I will stop now and do school work.

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