Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy Sunday Part 1

Decided at 2:30 I needed a break from housework and I needed to eat lunch finally.

I ended up staying up WAY too late last night watching Real Genuis and got to sleep around 2 this morning. Apparently I forgot to turn off the alarm clock because at 6 this morning it started going off. I turned it off and slept till my 9:30 alarm went off. Got up and made a little breakfast chalupa with a corn tortilla, 2 scrambled eggs, a little fat free cheese, a morning star sausage patty and salsa. Yummy and I was off on to tackle the day! I had no idea that I would decide today was the day to spring clean after neglecting the house for a month.

As of right now, 4 loads of laundry done or in the process, closet cleaned with 2 bags go stuff to give away, dresser drawers cleaned out and reorganized, bed room cleaned, bathroom cleaned, kitchen in the process, living room in the process. Still on the agenda....finish kitchen and living room, dust and vaccum guest room, vaccuum dining room, straighten up mud room, clean laundry room, finish laundry ,plan meals for the week, and get ready for a staff meeting tomorrow morning at 8am.

Oh!!! And a year ago today, I had a great date with a great guy who ended up being able to put up with me and my moods and didn't get scared off. He's the best and I miss him so much on this day when I am cleaning but would rather be enjoying his company. 10 more days and I will be able to hop on a plane and see him!!

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