Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Give me back my day!!

I was at the office and was so happy that I had caught up on all of my email from Tuesday and was able to get back to trying to clean up Monday emails and deal with today's emails (yea I know what I just wrote). Then I realized that it wasn't Wednesday but still Tuesday and I hadn't really done anything. This is what happens when I try to stop the diet coke addiction.

It was an interesting day to say the least. I have got to get back to studying and trying to pull out this semester. I think have just gotten to the halfway point and I could use a break. I wish I wasn't forced to take the Quantiative Analysis class this summer. I would really think about taking the summer off and enjoying. I am just getting a bad case of burnout I think. Between work and school, I need some time away.

I hit the breaking point today and at that moment I called the spa and set up some time this weekend for some self pampering. I figure I can't take a vacation, at least I can take a half day for myself.

I really need to mow the lawn so I am going to have to do that on Thursday or Friday so that I can enjoy the whole weekend and not get sore the day after my pamper.

Finally, I found a new way to cook my standby the chicken breast!! I had a WW recipe that breaded it in a egg white wash and wheat germ. I tasted so much better than I thought and at 4 points it was filling but not a points killer. More amazingly, I cleaned the kitchen afterwards and have a load of dishes washing. For me, that is a good thing. I usally hate cleaning the kitchen. When The Boy is here, I cook and he cleans. Becasuse of that I have never really learned to cook with minimal mess. Now I am learning and it is tougher than I thought.

Off to study a little.

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