Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gotta get a camera

I have got to get a camera before the spring is over. I live at the edge of a subdivision with nothing to the north of me. During the spring, the images of the sky are AMAZING. The Boy makes fun of the amount of sky pics that I have. But no day is the same is each is something beautiful to me. The purples and pinks of sunset are so peaceful. I love sitting outside watching thunderstorms coming in. Right now there is a storm about 40 miles north that I can see the lightening from. It reminds me of what I am about to see this spring. I really want to learn to take better pictures. My ultimate goal is to take a lightening shot. I know it take practice but I really need an SLR camera to be able to do that. My current one just isn't cutting it anymore. I also want a good camera to take with me when we go on vacation this summer.

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