Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Home Sweet Home

What a day!! I feel so far behind but I just don't care anymore. I have really started to view work as a means to an end and not life anymore. The guilt and scare of feeling like my boss is going to notice and fire me is always there still but I realize I am the one who feels that way and not him.

I was talking to a friend today and we were comparing our Girl Scout days. The arts and crafts, the sleep overs, the camping, the badges, and of course the cookies. I remember my badge book and loving being able to learn new things AND check off the activities I did to earn a badge. It gave me the change to try something new. It made me wish there was a Big Girl Badge book. Maybe it would make me try new things. Hmm, maybe I will make my own badges as build the criteria for earning them. Of course, I can create a badge in Photoshop, but I can also reward myself with a new purchase. Maybe an Italian cooking badge and then be able to buy the pasta maker for my mixer when I finish. Or maybe the master bath decorating badge and buy a new make up table or some amazing towels. Really, it is just an excuse to shop. :)

I am looking forward to my newest foray into crafting and picking back up quilting again. I had been wanting to for a while but it has been so long that I wasn't really sure how to start. Thank goodness, Oh, Fransson!, one the blogs I always read is starting a Quilt Along. Yea!! I can get back into it. I do need to run to my parent's house and grab my sewing machine but I should be all set to start. I can't wait. I have visions of quilts as Christmas presents. I can see it now....Ok maybe I can't, but I can sure try!!

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