Monday, March 16, 2009

I am really not good at this

All in all, this was a good Monday. The boss is on vacation so the incoming is less than the outgoing and I am getting caught back up and dare I say, even ahead. I am finally using my new help productively and passing on things. I jumped right into writing all of my processes and procedures and doing process flows. There was a time it was interesting but it is a little boring now. At least it fills up a day.

On the WW track, I am back on track but boy am I hungry! I forget the first few days are hard on me as I scale back down my eating. I am not really into sweets that often, but I crave carbs, fried food, and cheese. I am going through withdrawal right now I feel like :) The weather here is helping and it is making me want to get outside and start working out again. So, I haven't actually done it but the thought is the first step!

What I don't think I am good at is this long distance thing. I can't seem to articulate what is going on in my mind. I have written it over and over and it never comes out right. I think it is time to move to the paper journal to try and sort it out.

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