Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's a small world Part 1

So much has happened the past few days. A lot of little things that make a post but one big thing that maybe deserves it's own post. Now for the little things.

The Boy got me a spa gift certificate, yea!!! I am going to go pamper myself next weekend. I think the last time spent some time at the spa was over a year ago. Amazing when you know that I was once the girl that had to have a massage and pedicure at least once a month. How things change when you have a mortgage. He was so sweet to do that since he couldn't be here to mark our first year together. It seems so strange to think it has been a year. From the first amazing date that lasted way too long to the second date where here called me the wrong name (he did it a few times) it has been a crazy ride. I would have never thought I would be where I am with him today but I wouldn't trade it.

I am so far behind on my school work that it is scaring me. Tomorrow, I am going to work a half day and then get caught back up on my school work. I have a few assignments I am going to have to turn in late. I think I have a lotta bit of spring fever happening.

My mom is supposed to be coming to hang out with me tomorrow. I think we are going to hit up Legacy Books after work and grab a bite to eat. I decided to use tomorrow as my blow off meal of the week and use my extra points.

Speaking of points, I am getting very frustrated. I have been following my points and nothing!!! It's like I can't lose a freaking pound to save my life! I have got to figure this out.


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