Monday, March 2, 2009

A perfect Monday

Is there such a thing...a perfect Monday? After a long absence, I started training my new help today. She seems like she will catch on very well; one can only hope. The whole time I was at work, I was actually looking forward to going home. I got home and started a load of laundry, put on my favorite sweats and I am just chilling.

The Boy makes fun of me because I never eat leftovers. I have been trying to prove him wrong. Tonight I used some leftover venison steak, left over grilled zucchini, left over corn and some grape tomatoes and sauteed them up. Then I put them with some spinich pasta, a little tomato sauce and asiago cheese. I even shocked myself in how easy and simple it was! And I will never be able to reproduce it. I never think things will be good so I don't write down what I do or use till it is too late.

It would be 100% perfect if I was sitting on the couch next to The Boy instead of a stack of clean sheets that I need to put on the bed. Soon enough though...24 days.

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