Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Point to ponder

My newest assistant has started bring an apple for the teacher so to speak. Every morning, I eat a Pepperidge Farm mini wheat bagel with a slice of fat free cheese and a Morningstar sausage patty (5 points all in, thank you). I mean EVERY morning. I don't get sick of it, I know the points, and it satisfies that hot breakfast I crave.

However, SS as we will call her has started bringing me breakfast on some mornings after she realized I share the love of the fake sausage. This morning I got a "sausage" and egg biscuit. Oh, and I could tell the biscuit was one of the yummy fattening ones by the unnatural butter flavoring yellow tint.

I am tired of the weight and I am very strict with my points and don't really want to waste my points on this when I could have a drink with friends with my splurge points.

How do I tell her thanks but I can't eat what she brings? Or do I just keep putting it in my lunch bag and trashing it when I get home?

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