Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back to reality

I left one of my favorite places and my favorite person to come back to the hell hole we call the office. I have never been so close to saying forget it and moving up there. However, I have the house and can't just pack up. That is the one thing keeping me from moving some days. Without the house I would have packed up, quit the job and moved without a blink of the eye. Literally, I have the plan but the only thing stopping me is the house. I am not quite ready to either sell it or rent it out.

Ok, but on to the highlight reel from the trip.

Thursday - I ended up paying to get a guaranteed standby on an earlier flight and I was SO happy I did that; money well spent. We ran a few errands and went to have Italian food because crazy here started craving spaghetti and meatballs.

Friday - We went to the Air and Space Udvar-Hazy Center which I had never been too. It is actually really close to The Boy's apartment so it was easy to go to and spend a half a day (yea, we slept in on Friday). I had never been and as someone who is interested in planes it was fun to see all of the planes shoved in this building. the Concord, the SR-71, the Space shuttle Enterprise (not the Star Trek one!). It was a good afternoon.

On Friday night, I was suprised with a date night at a cooking school! It was so much fun cooking together and watching him learn how to do things and take chances. It was an amazing night with good food and even better company. Then we went back to the house and played video games.

Saturday - We had grand plans of going to DC and doing more museums and walking around. Yea, Cherry Blossom run and Festival, not a good idea. The Metro was PACKED when we got to it so we decided to hold off and find something else to do. We ended up at Mt. Vernon. We have started this thing about seeing old houses and what better place to go. We got in line at the house and ended up waiting over an hour to see inside. It was crowded but well worth it. We sat out on the back lawn after the house and just relaxed, then walked through all the gardens. We went to one of The Boy's standby places for lunch and then crazy got another craving and I went and had a burger at 5 Guys. Best way to describe it is a take on Mooyah. It was really good. Then grocery store and home to watch movies and enjoy a peaceful night.

To be continued......

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