Saturday, April 11, 2009

Case Study procrastination

Murphy has stuck this house...again.

I have a case study to start and finish today and an BBS post to do. I have just finished two tests so I am halfway done.

I woke up this morning to my smoke detector chirping every 5 minutes. It seems the battery is going dead. Great, now I really need to get cracking on these papers but I am going to have to get up, get cleaned up and dressed and go get batteries and replace all of them in the smoke detectors so make this thing shut up. I can not write like this!!!

Folks, I have 12-15 foot ceilings in this whole house so this is not s simple job. I am going to have to drag out my huge ladder (have I ever mentioned I am scared of ladders) and change every one of these. I figure I might as well get new air filters and change those as well since I will be up there. I really don't have time for this today! (but I did have time to blog about it!)

I am thinking I am going to get cleaned up and then head over to Starbucks and work on this paper a little there then run across the street to Lowes and get what I need. Come back do home maintenance and then finish the papers.

Wish me luck!!

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