Thursday, April 23, 2009

Confessions of a Kitchen Control Freak

I am currently watching Grey's Anatomy watching The Boy cook me dinner. It is VERY hard to watch so I left the kitchen and I am sitting patiently on the couch for him to say it is ready. I don't have the heart to tell him that I am probably going to go over points on this meal. Nothing was really measured and I saw ingredients that were added last minute that are not in the plan and NOT WW friendly.

It is really hard to watch someone else cook in my kitchen. I have been cooking all my life. I remember cooking myself lunch during the summers (BBQ hotdogs) and acting like I was on a cooking show. This was before the days of The Food Network so I always cooked lunch during the Cajun guy cooking on PBS. Point is, that I can't remember not cooking so it is strange to watch people who have never cooked try to cook. I find myself commenting on knife skills, organization, and just general things.

All in all though (morning after now) the meal was good. Pepper was forgotten but it was easily added. It was good!! I am so happy and grateful for him in my life. And I am glad he did the dishes too!!! ;)

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