Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I hope Easter was good for all.

It was a good day for me all in all. It had it's up and downs as all days do. I wish that my my family was more into Easter but it is what happens. It will be something I put a little more emphasis on when I have a family.

I should be in bed and sleeping right now but I can't. I have to be up and AT work by 6:15 or so tomorrow. I have the first of 3 big events this week. I am not looking forward to this week and being stuck with people from work for 3 days and a lot of that in a car with them. I will be amazed if I can get through these next few days without a crying spell or three. I did bring my workout clothes so maybe I can work out some of this stress I know I will be feeling.

Off to bed to try and get some sleep.

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