Thursday, April 9, 2009

Please stop smoking

I can not believe how smokey it is outside! I let the office and I couldn't breathe when I walked out. Everything was hazy and icky outside. An my clothes smell like smoke, yuck! I also can't stop coughing.

Let's see, what is new in my world. The Boy has decided to come down in a little over a week and a half! I am not even going to have a chance to miss him. I am really struggling with this being apart thing. I know that if I didn't have the house I would be moving after this semester. That is how much I miss him and how bad I want to live up there with him. But the adult planner in me can not move without a job, knows that right now I can't sell the house, knows it is too soon to think about that with school still taking up all my time. BUT, that doesn't mean I don't have a few ideas on making this change if I want.

I hate keeping things to myself and speaking in code ,but at this point I can't really say what I am working on because I just can't risk it. However, I can say that I realized what makes me bitchy and rude and mean. I know now how I act due to letting things get to me that shouldn't. I have learned I don't like Payton Place. I am working on changing these things and if these changes lead me to The Boy then so be it.

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