Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!

I called it!! I knew it was going to rain and interrupt my weekly gossip/walk. At 6 pm sharp it started raining here. I love The Boy but I need some girl time!! I always feel 100 times better after just an hour of unwinding.

But it was probably a blessing. I need to get the office and the guest bedroom cleaned up. On Friday I am getting the carpets cleaned so I really want to get it done now as opposed to having to wake up early on Friday to get it done. Yea, that's right, I am "working" from home on Friday. More like I will be checking email once a hour and spending the rest of the time working on my prep for my final and working on my ticket to better and brighter.

Tomorrow is the birthday dinner, Saturday is The Boy's day for his actual birthday. So I am worried about the WW points but, I am sure I can do good but it will be a chore. But, I lost 2 pounds this week!! All I ask this week is that I can maintain.

Off to cook the dinner that I wanted last night. Tonight I want soup but oh well, the craving will pass.

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