Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What about me??

I think I am overly sensitive lately. Maybe it is just the time of the month, or the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Last night's dinner with the family was complete crap. I had saved my points because I knew we were going to Pappadueax. I really enjoy their greek salad so I was going to splurge on that and then have a piece of blackened mahi with green beans. The waiter completely forgot the salad. Then the fish and the green beans came SOAKED in butter. Even if I wasn't on WW I probably wouldn't have eaten it. Have you ever eaten something with so much butter that you felt greasy afterwards. Yea, it was that much butter. Don't let term "naked fish" fool ya. This thing had so much fat on it that it would have survived all winter. So I ended up not eating last night. I actually came home and had points I tried to eat up. I didn't succeed because it was so late. All of this made me cry.

Tonight, I stupidly failed to read a recipe and threw my porkchops in to marinade BEFORE realizing it was an 8 hour marinade. I really wanted to try this recipe as written so I will cook them tomorrow. I told The Boy and he said we can just eat the shrimp leftovers (so good they deserve their own post). I was like, great that is enough for you so I guess I will try to find something in the house to eat my 13 points left for the day...AGAIN. Thanks.

Maybe I am just sensitive about food. Or the fact that I have been working7-5:30 every day WITHOUT a lunch break or even going out side and I am freaking tired of it.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I have days like that myself. It really sucks!! Sounds like you could use a drink soon... I'm open so just let me know. ;p