Friday, May 22, 2009

Back from a break

I am slowly coming back from an unintended blogging break.

All of my spare time lately has been taken up with finishing the semester (4.0 thank you!!!) and getting a super secret special project done at work. Hopefully June 1, it will be done and I can talk about it.

So big plans this Memorial Day 3 day, clean, yardwork. I will more than likely be working a lot of the weekend to get some stuff caught up and finished for above mentioned project. I also need to get the house straightened up for The Boy's arrival on Monday night. Mowing the lawn, installing flowerbed edging, and planting a few flowers is also going to be in the plan on Sunday and Monday.

I am getting back into cooking again so hopefully I will have a few more good ones to post. If it ends up raining this weekend, I plan on going through all of the recipes and getting them organized. Not an easy feat when you think of the baker's rack full of magazines and printouts of recipes. I see a trip to the Container Store in my future for cute organization things!

I am on a natural kick it seems so I am cooking with a lot of organic items and fresh veggies. The rule was , if I read a label and can't pronounce it, then I won't get it. Well genius here forgot about the minor in biology and the chemistry classes I took and that I can pronounce strange things for amusement. New rule, it if sounds like it was made in a chemistry lab I don't eat it. The only hold over is of course my diet coke/coke zero habit (down to 2 a day). Something is working because I lost 7 pounds at my last weekly weigh in. I hope I keep it up when The Boy is here. I know we have one date night planned but I can watch what I eat then too if I plan ahead.

Back to work I go!!!

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