Monday, May 4, 2009

Visit recap

Well The Boy is gone and I am back to my solitary life for a while.

We had an amazing time full of good times and great food. Let me recap the menus (in no particular order), baked tomato and feta shrimp, homemade peach pie, BBQ chicken, beef stroganoff, goat cheese spinach, Chianti braised short ribs, homemade blue cheese dressing, calamari, duck, and quail (last 3 not mine). I now have extra food so tonight I made a quiche to use up some of the stuff left over. Yea, I'm enjoying the cooking thing, I just wish my waist line was liking it.

We spent his birthday just enjoying being with each other and staying out of the rain. Apparently I was a good girlfriend and he enjoyed his day. We were talking about going to eat with my friends, but in the end, I was selfish and just wanted him to myself.

I ended up getting the carpets cleaned on Friday so I had a three day weekend which made the time so much better! Now, if I could get 3 day weekend on a regular basis it would be oh so nice. In addition to the carpets, we also put knobs and pulls on kitchen cabinets and drawers. I have been wanting to for the longest but I kept putting it off. The Boy really wanted to do some home improvement so we made out way to knob mecca and spent about an hour looking at tons and tons of knobs. I ended up with some distressed silver ones for the kitchen. In the bathroom I splurged on glass knobs. I can't wait to get the other project started! this month I am going to work on the flower beds outside and get some border up and plant a few flowers to make it look even better. I already have REALLY green grass. My neighbors keep asking me what I did to make it, fertilizer. Really, it isn't that hard, just take some time.

Bed time for me, gotta be in the office at 7:15 again. I am on a roll. 10 days and I would have been doing this for a month.

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