Friday, May 1, 2009

Work at home day

So I am "working" from home today. More like I am checking email a few times an hour, cursing at the stupid people and then going and doing more productive things.

The carpet cleaning company should be here around 2 to get these carpets back in shape, and my dad is coming over to lend a hand with the yard. That leave it up to me to try and sort through some of the stuff I have and get a good pile going to have CCS or Salvation Army come an pick up next week or so. In my land of perfectionist dreams, I was going to have all of that ready to go today. But in the real world of procrastination, I was running around at 8 trying to clean up the pig pen that was my office and bitching at myself for it all. But it is all picked up now and I can actually use my office...just don't try to open the closet!

I am also listening intently for the sound of the UPS truck to pull up. It will be bringing my new baby. I decided to not get the Le Creuset even though it would match some of the other things in the kitchen. I just couldn't spend that much on it right now. Plus I really like the color of blue in this one. It should serve the purpose just fine. I think I am going to put it to good use this weekend. Coq au Vin anyone!!

So dinner last night was AMAZING. Well worth it, in my opinion. We are definitely going to add Five Sixty on the list of places to go again. Next time I think we are going to try the lounge and just order the Calamari (to die for) and sushi and try that. I love going up to the Ball and watching the sunset and seeing the city light up at night. It makes me wish I would have looked more into getting a place downtown but then I remember the cost and shut it out. The Boy and I were talking about how it would be nice to have an urban life for a few years. Oh well, everyone can dream.

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  1. well, you know, no grocery store...that would be a bummer...