Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is this normal?

I need furniture. I admit that the old college hand me down stuff is about to fall apart and I need to adult up my house a little. I know this and accept it.

What I do not accept however, is the cost it takes to get there. I can't see putting stuff on credit. I am a cash and carry type of girl. I also hate having stuff that everyone has. I definitely have a unique style. Because of this, I look at different places to get furniture.

I am not opposed to refinishing something, having to clean something, paint something or even re-cover some chairs to get what I want. I look at consignment shops, second hand, and places like that. I do this up to a point.

I have never been able to get up the nerve to buy a used lounging chair or couch. I have issues with my butt touching where someone else's butt has been. I like to curl up and snuggle into a couch and I can't knowing that someone else did and that someone might have been a fat, smelling, farting slob who did god knows what on that couch or in that chair.

So I think I have made up my mind that I can look for the hard stuff and the occasional occasional chair second hand, I can not go for a couch or comfy stuff second hand. That is of course unless it is practically new....or owned previously owned by one of these two fine people. :)

(Yes, you know I had to stick that in)

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