Sunday, June 14, 2009

Productive Weekend

Life is getting back to normal around the house. There is still a huge void around the house. Buster (my other cat) hasn't left my side all weekend when I have been home. I am a little concerned with how she will react tomorrow when I go to work. I am still tearing up a little when I think of her and I am sure I will always feel that missing part of me. I know that is part of life and death and comes with living and losing those that you love; regardless of if they are human or our animal companions.

I did break my spending stop a little on Friday, but I figured I needed a little pick me up. I ended up splurging on a few things at the grocery store when I went after work. I never go to the store without a list but this time I just wanted to go and get whatever looked good. It was really relaxing just to be able to hang out somewhere and not feel like I had to rush home to check on the cats. Later that night, my mom came up and brought Buster home. She ended up spending the night which was nice.

Saturday, we straightened up the house, went to lunch, went window shopping, and went to go see Up. Came back home and she left and I relaxed and cooked dinner. Today, I didn't even step foot out of the house. I spent the day doing laundry, watching TV, and studying. It was exactly what I needed.

This week promises to be a crazy week. Work is going to be a test of my nerves and I am so far behind on school because of the events of last week. I have 3 quizzes and 2 case studies due by Tuesday night. I should be working on them now but I am so tired I think I will go to bed and then work on it during lunch tomorrow at work and tomorrow night. If I can do 2 quizzes and a case study tomorrow then that leaves a quiz and a case study on Tuesday. Maybe I will do one of the quizzes at lunch tomorrow and then I will have 2 quizzes and 1 case study each night.

Off to bed for me.

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