Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting excited!

This will be a good birthday weekend, I can just feel it.

Tomorrow, I am going to run to the post office to take care of some unfinished business, clean house, study, wash the car, and go out to dinner with the girls for my birthday. Sunday, the parental units are coming up to spend time with me and cook out. Monday is the official birthday and I think I am going to skip out of work early and pamper myself.

I am also looking forward to my November trip. I know where I am going, and I have narrowed down the places to stay to about 3. I need to be careful because I have already added a day onto my long weekend. If I don't watch it, I will end up with a whole week off.

There are crazy school thoughts going on in my head right now. I dare not utter them because I can here people in my life telling me I am out of my mind. I am keeping a lot of options open right now though. First and foremost, I gotta get out this time around.

Hopes of productivty

No ifs, ands, or buts, I will be productive today.

I have my list of things to do and I am going to get it all done! Once the list is done I am out of here.

I'm still craving fall and I think I am going to spend this weekend doing a little fall cleaning, planning my November trip, and of course going out with the best friends a girl could ask for to celebrate my birthday.

While I get to work I will leave you with another fall inspired picture.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My fall post started something

You knew it would happen! I am really craving it now. So much so that I am planning a fall foliage trip. It's a little hard since my work schedule has me working some weekends I would like to go but I think I will be OK. No real details yet. I have an idea of where I want to go. Trying to decide now if I want to just do a picture taking weekend or take a little extra time and explore a few things I wasn't able to last time. Oh, that's a little hint now isn't it!! :)

Craving Fall

Anyone that knows me knows I am truly a summer person. However, lately I have caught myself craving Fall to get here. Strange but I am wanting the cooler weather, the colors, the baking, the chill in the air and most importantly, Halloween!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Nutella wagon is a hard one to stay on

There is no denying my love of all things Nutella. I make a mean Nutella cookie and I always buy it with grand plans to make yummy Nutella crepes but really, it sits in the pantry and gets devoured spoonful by spoonful. So I saw this cookbook today and let me tell you, it might not be a Nutella panini on the front, but darn it, it is to me and I have now got to get this book.

New Years

It is strange to have a post titled New Year in August, but then I have never been completely normal. You see, my 33rd birthday is coming up. Truly, I see my birthday as MY new year. I mean, it was the day I came into the world and started life so it starts a new year for me. With this thinking I have never really made New Years resolutions on January 1st. I make them on my birthday! Things I want to accomplish in my 33rd year of life.

1. Keep up with Weight Watchers - I have false started on this numerous times this year and next year I want to keep up with it. I am going to track my points, exercise, and really follow the program and not just loosely do it.

2. Stay on track in school - Each semester I procrastinate and never really learn what I should. I am good at memorizing so that gets me through. These last semesters, I want to be able to truly learn what I am paying for. I know it will also help me with the capstone class and exam so it is time to get down to business.

3. Travel - I freely admit I have never been anywhere outside of the US so I would like to be able to take a trip this next year. I am working on a trip to Greece so that should be fun. It will be an art in saving for me and I can do that.

4. Continue with my financial goals - I have been really good this year of my finances and my goal is to get my cushion to 9 months. I also need to get a new car sometime this next year. Right now, though, on Monday I am paying off my baby and will drive it till it dies. This will allow me to use my car payment I don't have anymore to keep saving a down payment on a new one.

5. Get a life - This is a biggie. As my friends tell me, I am boring. I go to work, school, and out with them occasionally. I need to do stuff for me this next year. I still can't even think about dating so it is a good time to do for me. I am looking into cooking classes, language classes, and some photography classes. I would like to do one personal growth class for me each month. I have finally worked my work schedule so I have 2 full weekends off a month and I am going to use those. I would also like to start playing my instrument again on a regular basis.

6. Give back - I always donate to my causes like Operation Kindness, USO, DSO and Dallas Wind Symphony and I switch between The Cancer Society, Komen, and American Heart Association. Each of these causes are due to things that have touched me personally in my life. I try to give each month but sometimes I am not always on. This year, I am going to. I am also going to take it a step farther and donate my time where I can.

Lack of Motivation

I have a SERIOUS lack of motivation today. I have been blog reading and Facebooking all morning when I should be catching up on the work I didn't do yesterday. I think all of the events of the day on Tuesday just drained me.

I ended up leaving at 1 from work to go up to School C (C=crap!). School C jerked me around for a week and then the last possible day told me my request to take a class was denied due to a class I didn't do so hot in 7 years ago!! I had every intention of telling them that I have passed that stage in my life, I am in my final year of MBA studies, I have a successful career and kick ass on all school work I do. I wasn't going to accept their answer until the President of the University told me I was denied. I got there, drove on to campus and decided the fight wasn't worth it.

I called my main school, School A(A=Amazing). I talked to the Director of the Business school who is my adviser and knows me by name and told her what was happening. She told me of a class starting last night that I could take at the main campus instead. I get back to work, sign up for class, call and secure my financial aid, work 2 hours, leave work drive 45 minutes to school, get parking pass, get books, have a midlife crisis about taking a campus class for the first time in 6 years, realize things have changed, make fun of undergrads in my mind for being well young kids, find a place to park, and go to class.

Class was great. 20 people in my Stats class as opposed to the 100 at School C. Small class, great professor who actually wants to teach us and help up. I think I will like this class. The only crappy thing is that it usually runs 7-10 and then I have a 45 minute drive home, not counting the time it takes me to get to my car out of class. Needless to say, I didn't get to sleep until 12 and I am a person who needs her 8 hours or else I am completely useless the next day.

Now I am sitting in the office staring at nothing and hoping 5 gets here quick. I foresee a long day of posts of random things I find on the internet. :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Early B-Day to me!!!

I had to go pick up an alteration and something called my name. It called my name for the past 3 months and I ignored it. Today, I couldn't ignore it. It knew I needed it. Oh how I am so happy!!

Was I not loved as a child

Being one of the childless, I see all my friends posting about their kids heading off to school today. I see fellow bloggers posting pictures of their kids getting a send off at school and I have one question.....was I not loved as a child?

Seriously, my parents never took pictures of my first day of school. Hell, I don't even remember any of my first days of school. I don't remember kindergarten, I don't remember 1st grade, I don't remember any of them! There are no pictures of the glorious day. NOTHING.

I don't think I turned out all bad, I have no major parental issues because of this apparent lack of love.

It's all strange to me.

Schools should be glad I am remote

What is worse than dealing with 1 Higher Education bureaucracy?

Dealing with 3! Every school is different and had their unique brand of red tape and crap to run through. All staffed by pissy undergrads who have no clue about anything.

I am amazed I haven't started screaming at someone at this point. 45 minutes on hold with one school, 3 messages not returned, 1 helpdesk that has no clue to how to help, 2 people who have no clue that Dallas is no where near your school and I can't just pop in to get my username and password.

I really should get my MBA by default just for putting up with this shit! I will never be so happy to start classes and actually get busy learning instead of dealing with administrative crap as I will this semester.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Crap, I am wired right now and need to get to sleep. What caused me to get wired? A damn picture of all things!! I sat outside for an hour trying to get a lightening shot. Not an easy feat when you figure I am still learning my camera and to use it off of auto. Well beginner's luck!! I know you can't see it too well, but trust me, it looks so much better in the original size! Yet another reason I love my house. I took this sitting on the back porch. Having no houses behind you does have it's advantages.

Wearing down

I'm wearing down today. Class starts tonight and I am not there. I spent a good 3 hours dealing with this. At 5 today, school called and said they approved my request. Now tomorrow I have to call the other school and get that going. Luckily, there is a class that meets on Tuesday afternoon so I can go to that next week and catch back up. It just means about 6 hours of classroom time next week on top of work. I just have to keep reminding myself that it is worth it and there is only 1 year left!

I'm a little happy that it turned out this way, I was starting to get drained and need to just go to sleep early and try to stop this sick crap in it's tracks. Tonight I am going to deviate from the meal plan and eat a pimento cheese sandwich....yea, I'm sick,I can eat whatever I want! ;)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh no, not again!

Nothing like taking a sleeping pill and then realizing you might have a class that starts tomorrow night.

I have been trying to register for this class all semester and my registration is supposed to be to the office as of today. I could have sworn it started next week. The big question is, whether it will get processed tomorrow or not. If it does then I need to be in class front and center ready to learn. If not, then I am not sure what I need to do. There is a session that starts next week on Tuesday so I might end up going to that class on Tuesday and then my regular class on Thursday next week. I really know I can't miss a day of a quantitative analysis class or else I am going to be toast, especially at UTDork where everyone seems to be a math whiz...but me that is.

Great, so if I start class tomorrow, then tomorrow I have to pay for school, get the book, find a Windows laptop (or go get an external HD from my Air and load Windows AND office on the VM) and load some software before class at 7pm. Damn, work a full day needs to be added to that list. Let's also not forget I am getting sick and right now the whole room is spinning on me.

Ok, stop being negative and think positive. I chose to go to grad school and not quit. I chose to do this class this way so I could learn the material. I am starting my last year of grad school and I can get through this. It is one day of craziness and then it will settle down. The room spinning things reminds me of some of my high school nights, listening to Led Zepplin staring up at my kick ass ceiling art and drifting. Although the spinning was a lot more fun back then when I knew what caused it. ;)

New furniture!

The furniture has arrived! Pictures to come soon. I still have to pick up and move things around. I have gotten a little bit of work done while I have been home but really, I am eyeing the new couch and thinking it needs to be nap tested and approved. Oh if it wasn't 5pm I would be sleeping away!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Must get cookbook

If you are craving a cookbook or cooking magazine you MUST get Cooking for Two by Cook's Illustrated. All I can say is OMG!!! EVERYTHING I have cooked out of it is amazing....I mean make you slap your momma good!

I have cooked homemade strawberry shortcake out of it and the shortcake turned out like a dream. It was almost like a big sugar cookie.

Tonight, I found my new favorite go to meal. I am a sucker for all things Greek. It is no secret. Tonight was Greek style Lamb Pitas with home made Tzatziki sauce. I have never been a huge fan of lamb but tonight's meal completely converted me. Now, I wasn't able to get a good picture so I can't post the fruit of my labor (not much labor literally 30 minutes) so I guess that means I will have to just make it again!

I love that book. Even though it is just me, the recipes give me just enough for tonight and then lunch tomorrow.

Ah, my tummy is smiling and thanking me.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wanted: New bedding

I took my comforter to be cleaned this week and it just wasn't the same when I got it back. I don't blame the dry cleaner. I blame it on the fact that my comforter is 5 years old and I abuse any and all bedding by throwing it around in the middle of the night. I am sure the bumps will straighten out as it sits on the bed but it seems to be a good excuse to get a new one anyway, don't ya think?

Vacation Recap

It's been a good week for me. Dreading going back to work tomorrow but I know it is going to happen eventually so might as well be tomorrow.

I had a great time at the beach. It was a good relaxing time and I cried a little when I had to go home because I knew that it was one step closer to being the end of my week. I told myself when I got there that I wouldn't be using the front door of the condo until I left and I held true to that. I only used the back door to get to the beach. I had enough beer and food to hold me over and I slept when I wanted, ate when I wanted, read a book a day and just relaxed.

The drive was long but helped me unwind and think about things. When I got back I finally got big girl furniture and by Wednesday, I will be in possession of a whole new living room set. :)

I think this vacation I learned that my job is part of me but isn't me. I am not dreading work, I am dreading a relapse of sorts into the workaholic. I know I now have to practice the work life balance and make sure that I don't become the grumpy person at work an in my personal life again. I didn't like that person so she is going to stay gone.

Sorry for the crap post, I promise no more deep thoughts for a few hours at least. :)

Weekly menu planning - August 16

My last day of vacation (I’ll post an overview later tonight I am sure) and I am sitting here about to start cleaning and cooking.

Now that school is on break for a few weeks, I am going to use this time to cook some more and get some stuff in the freezer to go to once school starts. I really am looking forward to getting back in the kitchen and getting all the processed crap out of the house again.

This week the menu is:

Sunday – Coq au vin, roasted veggies, and garlic mashed potatoes. Yea, this is a lot for just me but my parents are coming over for Sunday dinner (they come over once a month or so). I am sure they will go home with leftovers.

Monday – Lamb pita sandwiches and salad.

Tuesday – Either a bacon, potato and cheddar frittata or feta/lamb stuffed chiles (the market had fresh hatch chilies and I had to get some).

Wednesday – Sea bass with tomatoes, olives, and capers.

Thursday – Moroccan skillet chicken with pine nut couscous.

Friday – Shrimp with tomatoes and feta (Yea, I love feta!).

Saturday – no clue but this is the day I plan to cook a ton for the freezer so probably something from the 3 or 4 things I will cook.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vacation Day 1

Day 1 started by oversleeping. It was the best!!! Thank goodness I got the wake up text to get my butt out of bed and get to the movie. It was well worth it.

First off, movie with 2 of my favorite people! We saw Julia and Julie. Good movie, but bad move to go on an empty stomach. The food really was the silent start in that movie. I am still thinking about all the yummy things I saw that I want to cook. Needless to say, after the movie, it was straight to lunch. It it the spot. All in all, it was good to catch up and relax with friends. I wouldn't have wanted to spend my first day any other day.

When I left them, I went and bought my early birthday present....a new camera!! I can't wait to use it on vacation and finally learn how to take good pictures. After blowing some cash, I ended up heading to the office to finish some stuff I couldn't let sit for a week. I was OK with it, but forgot the AC went off at the office at 2. Yea, I worked REALLY fast to get out.

I'm home now and about to start cleaning the house so I can leave tomorrow and come home to a clean place. I need to wash clothes and pack and get ready to head out tomorrow. I am looking forward to a few days of sun, sand and relaxing!!

Vacation is too good to be true

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, even if it is only a half day of vacation for the first day. Yep, you read that right. I have been training a new admin this week and it put me behind. I have some time sensitive things that have to be done so I have no choice.

I'm OK with it though, I am heading out to a movie with my good friend and her husband tomorrow morning...Julia and Julie!! After that, I am going to my the first part of my birthday person to myself. I have been wanting to get a new camera and I think tomorrow is the day. I want to be able to take some good pictures on my vacation and now is the best time. I think I might go to work and then go get the camera after as motivation to get the crap out of there.

Then early Sunday morning, I am off to official vacation!!! I can hardly wait. I would have enjoyed my original vacation plans, but Port A is just what I needed so it will be nice. I did cheat and start in on the books tonight. I have a feeling I will still have more than enough.

Off to bed!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The thought of dating

Freaks me out. There I said it. It always feels like I am back in high school all over again. I hate being judged before someone really gets to know me. The thought of dating again makes me feel like I am facing the biggest test, highest mountain, or longest race imaginable. It feels like facing a a long road to nowhere. I guess when you feel that way, you probably shouldn't even think about it.

Domestic moment

Yea, I am supposed to be working but I have been taking a short (hour long) break. Give me a break, I was up till 1 this morning and think I might be again tonight!

I was reading through my backed up blog list and came across this picture.

It really made me want to make a strawberry pie with a lattice top. Or maybe just a pie with a lattice top. That might be the baking adventure while I am on vacation next week.

Ok, back to work I go.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Coffee better help

Of course I didn't get anything done I wanted to last night so tonight I am stuck working my ass off to get my assignments done. I still am clueless on one of the cases. But, I guess I will figure it all out.

I just can't seem to stay awake. I could literally go to sleep right now. I have resorted to making coffee to stay up. It isn't Coke or Dr. Pepper but it should do the trick. I will probably make iced coffee since it is a little hot for me to drink coffee. Basically, I think I will make a strong thin milkshake with coffee, half and half, and sugar. I should be up all night with that!

Life is going good here. I am trying to get everything done to go on vacation. I kinda feel like Cinderella at the moment without the help of dancing mice and sweet little birds. I know I can do it, it is just getting up the energy. It has been a crazy last few weeks and I think my body is just wanting to relax and enjoy down time. I am truly happy right now, which is very very scary seeing how I am basically juggling on a tight rope, but I have faith I can handle it all.

Till next time.....or the middle of the night when I am jacked up on caffeine!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Confusion is a way of life

Either I am reading this case assignment all wrong or else the answers are attached to it!!! Oh, I hope I am reading it right. But, I am way too tired to think about it tonight. Bed time for me. 1st night without sleep aids and I think it will be easy breezey.

Long day so I am ready for bed after I clean the kitchen up.

As Tony the Tiger Would Say....

It's GGGGRRRREEEEAAAATTT!!!!! It being the day. I handled work with ease and was very productive and got a lot of documentation done I needed to do. I had a break through of sorts about some of my personal life issues. I chose not to get mad at anyone today, and I got out of work before the sun went down!

Now I am waiting for dinner to get done (Greek Chicken from my new favorite cookbook) and I am about to sit down and work on 2 case studies I need to get done before tomorrow night at 11:55pm. I can do it, I know I can. I really want to get those things done tonight so I can spend 2 nights on my exam, but I guess you do what you can. I will stay up as late as it takes because I know at 11:55pm on Friday night when my exam is due that it is over. At 11:56pm, my vacation starts!!

I am really looking forward to getting away. I am not looking forward to the 8 hour drive, especially since my car isn't a spring chicken anymore. But, I figure we can both handle it. I mean, after we both get 2 days of rest and relaxation.

Off to read and write and become edumacated!

Brain Dump

I am sitting here working on a new process and procedure document for morons. No, really, M-O-R-O-N-S.

I am having to include in my overly detailed procedures, basic Excel how-to. I think this will be the first process document I have ever written where I have Exhibits and an Appendix for even more clarification. I swear, if I have to teach this person to read, I am going to kill.

Really, vacation can't get here soon enough!! 5 more days and I will be driving to the sand, to peace and quiet, and more importantly, no idiots!