Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Years

It is strange to have a post titled New Year in August, but then I have never been completely normal. You see, my 33rd birthday is coming up. Truly, I see my birthday as MY new year. I mean, it was the day I came into the world and started life so it starts a new year for me. With this thinking I have never really made New Years resolutions on January 1st. I make them on my birthday! Things I want to accomplish in my 33rd year of life.

1. Keep up with Weight Watchers - I have false started on this numerous times this year and next year I want to keep up with it. I am going to track my points, exercise, and really follow the program and not just loosely do it.

2. Stay on track in school - Each semester I procrastinate and never really learn what I should. I am good at memorizing so that gets me through. These last semesters, I want to be able to truly learn what I am paying for. I know it will also help me with the capstone class and exam so it is time to get down to business.

3. Travel - I freely admit I have never been anywhere outside of the US so I would like to be able to take a trip this next year. I am working on a trip to Greece so that should be fun. It will be an art in saving for me and I can do that.

4. Continue with my financial goals - I have been really good this year of my finances and my goal is to get my cushion to 9 months. I also need to get a new car sometime this next year. Right now, though, on Monday I am paying off my baby and will drive it till it dies. This will allow me to use my car payment I don't have anymore to keep saving a down payment on a new one.

5. Get a life - This is a biggie. As my friends tell me, I am boring. I go to work, school, and out with them occasionally. I need to do stuff for me this next year. I still can't even think about dating so it is a good time to do for me. I am looking into cooking classes, language classes, and some photography classes. I would like to do one personal growth class for me each month. I have finally worked my work schedule so I have 2 full weekends off a month and I am going to use those. I would also like to start playing my instrument again on a regular basis.

6. Give back - I always donate to my causes like Operation Kindness, USO, DSO and Dallas Wind Symphony and I switch between The Cancer Society, Komen, and American Heart Association. Each of these causes are due to things that have touched me personally in my life. I try to give each month but sometimes I am not always on. This year, I am going to. I am also going to take it a step farther and donate my time where I can.

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