Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh no, not again!

Nothing like taking a sleeping pill and then realizing you might have a class that starts tomorrow night.

I have been trying to register for this class all semester and my registration is supposed to be to the office as of today. I could have sworn it started next week. The big question is, whether it will get processed tomorrow or not. If it does then I need to be in class front and center ready to learn. If not, then I am not sure what I need to do. There is a session that starts next week on Tuesday so I might end up going to that class on Tuesday and then my regular class on Thursday next week. I really know I can't miss a day of a quantitative analysis class or else I am going to be toast, especially at UTDork where everyone seems to be a math whiz...but me that is.

Great, so if I start class tomorrow, then tomorrow I have to pay for school, get the book, find a Windows laptop (or go get an external HD from my Air and load Windows AND office on the VM) and load some software before class at 7pm. Damn, work a full day needs to be added to that list. Let's also not forget I am getting sick and right now the whole room is spinning on me.

Ok, stop being negative and think positive. I chose to go to grad school and not quit. I chose to do this class this way so I could learn the material. I am starting my last year of grad school and I can get through this. It is one day of craziness and then it will settle down. The room spinning things reminds me of some of my high school nights, listening to Led Zepplin staring up at my kick ass ceiling art and drifting. Although the spinning was a lot more fun back then when I knew what caused it. ;)

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