Monday, August 24, 2009

Schools should be glad I am remote

What is worse than dealing with 1 Higher Education bureaucracy?

Dealing with 3! Every school is different and had their unique brand of red tape and crap to run through. All staffed by pissy undergrads who have no clue about anything.

I am amazed I haven't started screaming at someone at this point. 45 minutes on hold with one school, 3 messages not returned, 1 helpdesk that has no clue to how to help, 2 people who have no clue that Dallas is no where near your school and I can't just pop in to get my username and password.

I really should get my MBA by default just for putting up with this shit! I will never be so happy to start classes and actually get busy learning instead of dealing with administrative crap as I will this semester.

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