Friday, September 18, 2009

Back on track

Trying to get back on track around here. This past week while I was sick I lost all motivation to do anything. I literally, lived in the moment. I didn't care about anything but getting well. I think I am about 90% better and it is time to start getting back on track.

I am working tomorrow until 1 and then I have schoolwork to do and an email to write to the head of the government department at hopeful school A. Time is wasting and I need to get moving and get prepped to enroll in the Spring.

I need to clean house...BADLY!!!! That is all I am going to say about that. I think I am going to lightly do some school work tonight and watch a few episodes of The West Wing (yep, I'm a dork) and then head to bed and get a fresh start on my back on track life tomorrow. :) Yes, I am very Scarlett O'Hara in my procrastination.

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