Friday, September 11, 2009

Counting to 10 is for the birds

I have counted to 10 more this week than usual. See, I am trying to just let work go. Not let it get to me. Not care anymore. My vested interest in this organization is done. For the most part I am doing good. However, the one thing I have a problem with is common stupidity. I also have a problem when this character trait shows itself in the person who is getting the job that. for a long time. I thought I wanted.

There is a whole back story on this person, but let's just say that I have serious reason to question their reasoning and critical thinking skills and their ability to read people. Made more clear yesterday when the person had no clue how to even begin to read a P&L. Made even more clear today when the person had no clue that to bring on a contractor, there has to be a contractor agreement stating what this person would be doing and what they would be paid. Add to that a hint of this person thinks they are good at strategic planning but more than once I have had to slap this person in the face figuratively to get them to stop arranging chairs on the deck of the Titanic and start trying to fix the hole.

Oh and it just got better!!! Another one of the morons I have been covering for just asked for a MAJOR increase in pay after I fixed yet another mess up.

I am so over this place and worrying about these people!! I just tell myself 1 more year till I get my MBA. Hopefully, 2 and a half years till I get my MA and then I can go into my PhD program. Please oh please let time fly!!!!

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