Thursday, September 10, 2009

Make it stop!

Oh my, this is the longest short week ever!! I really don't remember the start of the week. I know it existed but I am not sure I can recall anything that happened.

I am sure I have a lot to say but the tired is making it hard to think about anything to be honest. The rain coming down is making it hard to stay awake as well. Maybe I should go to bed early. I have been oversleeping all week.

I ended up working late tonight and missed going to kickboxing class. Of course from what I heard about it, I am sure I probably would have puked. Not sure I am up for that hard of a class just yet. Also, as my back was killing me and I caught myself slouching in my chair at the office remembering how good my posture once was, I thought maybe I should check out a pilates class in the area. I found a place and think I am going to go ahead and schedule a couple of individual sessions and get used to it and start group classes. I am not one for group classes and luckily these classes are capped at about 6 people.

I guess we will see, everything looks better after sleep. It is supposed to rain for a few days so I really need to try to keep positive and not let the weather start effecting my mood.

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