Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Much better night

I got an A on my test!! I knew I either did really good or really bad; there was going to be no in between.

It was so nice walking back to my car parked in BFE tonight. The weather is getting so nice and fall feeling. But as I am typing this I am realizing I need to break out the lotion or else my hands are going to look awful. Getting old really bites!!

So I am having delayed stages of grief it seems. Right now, I am just pissed at The Boy (ex edition). I'm not going into it but it feels good to be mad for a chance.

After my pity party post this morning, I went ahead and locked myself in my office and started working on crunching numbers and getting the books back into acceptable standards. No, I did not get them unacceptable. I am taking them back over and have about a week's worth of work to undo 2 months worth of damage. I am finding it oddly calming to just deal with things that are not people. I guess I have just hit my limit on people for the last few days.

Oh well, of to bed. Gotta get up EARLY in the morning and get to the airport to catch my flight. I am scared I am not going to wake up on time. I have been oversleeping the last few weeks due to my allergies. I guess the fear will be my motivator.

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