Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pissed off rant

Ok, I am going to start this with saying I am EXTREMELY PISSED at the moment. I am so pissed I am typing this through tears. I am also going to say this is direct at a very few people who I have come in contact with and not a general population.

I hate people that use their religion as something to hide behind. Maybe that is the wrong word but it suits right now.

I have been up since 4am. I am sitting outside of the office hoping maintenance shows up or the cleaning crew doesn't clean at midnight all because some rude guy can't be kind and come back to the office and lock up after he left for the day without me having a key and wouldn't wait 3 minutes for me to finish. I thought I had a key but wanted to check it first but he rushed out before I could. I called him to ask him if he could come back and lock up and "sorry, I am too far out". He says he is a Christian man who helps other people and spending time with the church. However, today he was nothing but rude to me, talked down to me, treated me like I was less than a co-worker.

Let's see, on top of that 2 other people I knew always preached the good word while talking trash about everyone and anyone. They gossiped, called people names, spread lies about people.

People like that just upset me. Now, I never claim to be a perfect person, no one is. However, I try to always live by the golden rule. I am always supportive of people, I don't spread lies about people, I always hope for the best out of people. I think it is because I personally know how it feels to be the person that people are making fun of, calling names, treating like crap.

There was a time I put up a wall to protect me from that. I won't deny that sometimes (like today) it comes back up and I don't want to let anyone in. But, I know now to not let people like that ruin me. I don't let them get to me or ruin my day. I feel for them that they think they have to do that to fit in. Tomorrow, I will walk in the office and be just as nice to people as I always am and then when it comes time to leave, I will detach and live my life.

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