Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time out

I still felt icky today when I woke up. I got myself out of bed and to work only to leave early. I realized I shouldn't come in when I started bawling my eyes out because of my major accounting project and not being able to do simple logical math.

It only got worse when I gave FedEx a piece of my mind about a package I called to have picked up. Now, mind you, said package is in France. My amazing boss left it there to be shipped back and asked me to take care of it I called last week for a pick up and never got the package. I then had to call FedEx only to find out that my package is still in France because the place it is at won't return the FedEx phone call to schedule the pickup on their end and FedEx policy is to not give the package owner notification. I started crying AGAIN and caved and called The Boy and left a message begging for help. If I remember, the jest of my message was that I need help because France was holding my package and wouldn't return it and I need translation assistance. Yea, he won't call me on that one. He will probably think I have lost my mind finally. Of course, I am sick and I did preface the call by saying I was sick and headed home after France gave me back my package.

SO anywhoo.... I can home, passed out on the couch after working a little longer, woke up with a headache and starving. Luckily, I told myself that I need to cook today even if I was sick. Best freaking idea I ever had!! Before I passed out, I pulled out some stew meat from the freezer. Stew is now cooking on the stove and it is rainy outside so I am feeling very cozy and fall like. Yea!!!

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