Sunday, September 13, 2009

Work in prgress

Well I think I am going to leave it like it is and then add as I see fit. I have an idea of how I want to do my links but I am not quite committed to it yet. I will keep working on it offline and when it is all set like I like, then I will go ahead and upload it.

It has been a rainy weekend and I couldn't ask for anything better. Right now I am a little restless. I need to be studying but I can't settle down and sit still to be able to do that. I am hoping a shower after this post settles me down.

I am dreading Monday and really am not looking forward to being back at work. I must find a way to stop dreading it so much. The line, "It's a paycheck" isn't working anymore. I really just need to pull on the big girl panties and start looking at work as a means to an end I guess. I need to start saving like there is not tomorrow and trying to figure out how to live on less (which shouldn't be that hard).

This week, I have my first stats class test and I plan on studying for that later tonight and tomorrow.

I need to plan my weekly menu and I think this time it is going to have to be using what is already in the house. No more expensive trips to the grocery store each week. I am going to have to learn to use what is on hand, searching out the sales and then treating myself to one meal a week that I splurge on cooking.

Off to clean up, sit and figure out the menu this week (which I will post for the heck of it) and then study. What a life I lead!!

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