Saturday, October 17, 2009

Afternoon nap - not a good idea

I knew I was way too hyper earlier today. I started at 8 being the hostess with the mostest at work today and it drained me. I got home about 1 and had great plans of cleaning up the pig sty. I fell asleep. Now am I awake but still tired. Once I get energy I will be able to get moving but energy is hard to come by in this house it seems. I have to get moving and get ready to go over to C's for a get together. Oh, caffeine please help me!

In other news, I am so torn on the whole school thing. I HATE my group. They seem to be a collection of know-it-all's who don't know shit. I see my group project going down in flames and no one seems to listen to me till I raise my voice. I compiled our paper in a logical manner that flowed all in. Come on people, it's a book isn't hard. And they decided that choppy was the way to go. Now, I would really try on this class but I think it isn't going to go with the class plan. I worked a deal that if I take the finance track at school then my school is paid for. If I do that then this class is not needed. I hate dropping classes but I think this is one I am going to be dropping on Monday. I have never screwed over a group but let the screwing begin.

I am also rethinking the 2nd Masters plan, or at least putting it on hold until I get this one done. I got the proposal Friday of what my role will morph into in the new company. It allows me to tell people what to do (by law), make sure things are getting done right, make sure clients are being treated fairly, and run the business. I see a C title that I have always worked toward with a stop as the Compliance Officer. I have to learn the in's and out's of the laws on investing and finance so that is something I enjoy.

However, right now I am just going to survive and not get wrapped around what is going on in all aspects of my life and spend more time living it.

OH!!!!! I'm working to get back into dating. Scary but looking forward to it. Now, I am not going to look for a serious dating relationship. I'm setting my sites on something pretty damn good, but until I find it, I am going to enjoy getting to know people.

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