Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I see the end

Wow, what a day. 9 hours of my finance project (almost done), then straight to a 2 hour Stat exam. If I look at another number I am going to lose it. I am two days behind on work email so after I finish the forecast tomorrow I get to work on email!

The test started bad but it all clicked and this will be one of those that I either rock or bomb. There will be in between.

Tomorrow night after work I MUST clean this house up. I have to bomb the house on Thursday for fleas yet again. This time, I think I tracked them in from outside. I live behind a big open field. I have found animal "things" in my back yard that are too big for a normal house pet and the cat doesn't go out there without me and never where I found said "things". So, having fleas in the backyard is not entirely unthinkable. Every year about this time, they seem to migrate into the house and I am tired of it! I haven't had my baby home in 2 weeks because of this issue and being out of town. I need her back.

This is turning into a long post,but I just had to say this. It is too early to tell, but I think my bad habit medicine is having a welcome side effect. I seem to not be indulging in junk food and I haven't been getting cravings for it. I am staying away from junk food and being good I am headed back to the Dr. next week for a follow up for something else (I don't talk about it till I know it isn't.) and I have decided to wear the same thing and what the weight is then. I am hoping to lose about 3 this week.

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