Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just getting by

I really feel like that is how I am living right now. I get ahead, just to get behind again. I have to have some of my fillings redone and it is going to cost me $500 AFTER my insurance pays.

I know my mood is just crap after another fun group collaboration session, crappy weather, and a cat I love but is driving me up the freaking wall!!! She has gotten in the habit of wanting to lay as close to my face as she can. Last night, I was trying to read a book for school and she crawled into my arms. I ended up holding my 14 year old cat who hates people like a little baby for 30 minutes. I was cute but I couldn't finish my reading.

That brings me to another thought. Most of us are raised with the idea that we are supposed to get married and be moms. We play house, have our baby dolls, and tea party sets. I did those things, but I also have GI Joes, a race track set, and Hot Wheels. I am sure a lot of girls did. But what thoughts go through our head when we decide not to follow the path we were raised to take? More times that not lately, I have found myself deciding I don't want kids. I know at this moment my brain is not in a place to say definitively that this is what I decide, but it keeps looking more and more like it.

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