Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lazy Sunday...not so much

I was up at 7, which for me is a rare thing on a Sunday. Of course, I did lay in bed relax for a bit but I was up pretty early for me.

I got my menu planned for the week since this is a rare week of being in town for the whole week. Grocery store and back by noon. Now I have breakfast for the week cooking...sausage rolls!

Weekly menu is:

Sunday: Cabbage rolls, salad.
Monday: Mahi and white beans, spinach (maybe with goat cheese if I am needing a cheese fix).
Tuesday: Cabbage rolls (school night leftovers)
Wednesday: Dinner at C&C's.
Thursday: Cod Casserole
Friday: Turkey stuffed portobellos.
Saturday: On the road!

Now I get to wash clothes, clean up the house, and study a little...ok, a LOT.

I do have a few movies to watch that are due back tonight. Last night, I had grand plans of just vegging and watching movies. Change of plans when the DVD player finally died. I ended up plugging the Mac into the TV and watching it that way. All was good but the audio cable I have doesn't work with the Air so I ended up using the laptop for sound. Oh well, it all worked and I enjoyed a movie so it ended good!

Time to do another load of laundry.

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