Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Recap

It was a busy yet lazy weekend around the homestead.

Saturday I ended up at the office most of the day. I only got done a portion of the many things I have on my plate in the office. I am really trying not to get overwhelmed but I am failing miserably. I feel like I am the only one with a ton of work on my plate. Everyone is asking me to do stuff and I just can't keep up with everyone's demands of my time on petty things. I have a ton of MAJOR projects to get done and no one seems to care even when they have nothing they are doing. Sales are down and everyone has time to point fingers at me instead of trying to do their own jobs and increase sales. But luckily my boss knows all that is on my plate. I even told him I am about to pay out of my own pocket for a part time assistant. Which if I could afford it, I would but right now, I can't. I do what I do and I can't do anymore than that.

Saturday night, was girls night and I went out with my oldest friend to get her away from her family for a while. We usually go out to dinner and I was craving one of my favorite places, a little pricey but I can afford to treat my friend so I said what the hell. We got all dressed up and headed to Trulucks. YUMMY. A big thank you to the guy who bought us drinks. :) It was a good meal and we got home about 12. I think I fell asleep on my friend and finally kicked her out and headed to bed.

Today I was going to go pick up the cat, but I happened to find more fleas in the house. I hate having them and something is bringing them in. I am going to kill every living thing in this house this week because I want my baby back home!! I woke up with my allergies in full attack so I did a little around the house and passed back out on the couch. I woke up around 3 and got moving for the day. Headed down to the parent units and enjoyed seeing the zoo and dinner. Now I am back home and about to go get ready for the week.

This week is a ton of work, Monday night study for my Tuesday test at school. The rest of the week is work, work, and more work. I need to get at least one project done.

Next weekend is a rare 2 day weekend for me so I have a home improvement project I get to do....repaint the back door. Builder grade paint job just isn't holding up so I need to take matters into my own hands to stop a mold invasion.

Off to get my clothes laid out for tomorrow and try and enjoy my last hours of free time.

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