Thursday, November 26, 2009

Eh, must not be in the Holiday mood

I think I have a lot of the bah humbug hitting. Today was just a day, sure I saw family but I could have done without. I have no desire to get in the holiday mood and I am already tired of the holiday commercials. Looks like my usual Christmas blah self is back after the hiatus is went on last year.

I haven't even decided if I am going to put up any decorations. I know I need to get out of this funk because that is all it is, a funk. I can not let it get to me. I just think the shit hole that keeps opening up at work is sucking me into it. I know I shouldn't let work get to me but when my job is literally in limbo it is hard to think of anything else.

I think the being single, having no kids, and really just never making a big deal of Christmas as an adult has something to do with it. It's hard erasing 15+ years of cynical thinking. Oh well, just keep living, putting one step in front of the other and don't let the season get you down. To me, for better or worse, this is just another month with a few days of vacation in it.

Yea, I know, bah humbug.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The final approach

Home from work and about ready to start the domestic responsibilities.

You can really tell that men created the Thanksgiving holiday. Who would have put a holiday involving massive amounts of food prep on a weekday? Oh sure, it was created in 1941 when the majority of women didn't work, but still. I mean, I have been super slammed at work and got home a whole 30 minutes early and have to start the cooking for tomorrow. And I am only doing sweets and sides. I couldn't imagine having to do it all tomorrow. I say this every year but this is the last year I celebrate Thanksgiving. Next year, I am just taking the days off and spending it doing EXACTLY what I want and nothing else.

On a completely unrelated note, I am craving Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany's tonight. As I typed that I remembered that I use my laptop as my DVD player right now and I think I might just splurge and buy it off of iTune's and enjoy that while baking tonight. I also think I want to watch a couple more movies this weekend but I don't want to run to Blockbuster. I think iTunes is going to get a workout this weekend.

Enough procrastination...time to clean the kitchen and make four pecan pies and get the veggies ready to roast in the morning.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Change is coming....oh crap

Today was a day where my stomach felt like I have spent an hour just spinning around followed my another hour of cartwheels. It is no secret change and I are not the best of friends. It doesn't like me and I don't like it. Well apparently someone forgot to tell change about our agreed relationship. My exit from my current role, just got put on steroids. I spent 5 years building a business with the goal to sell it in 7 years. We sold it in 5 years. Within 6 months, the new buyers defaulted, the franchise is stepping in to pay my boss and my job is to get it ready to flip again. Once it is flipped, I am out. We are breaking it up into 3 separate entities and one is probably already sold. I actually had a conversation with one of the big guys at the franchise and they asked what I wanted to do. I actually said, I won't be staying when they are sold; I will be moving on to the next business I have agreed to set up. All that is left for me is to help get back the business, set it up to be sold, and then train my replacements and I am out. I foresee by February, I will not be employed full time. If anything, I will be part time at both jobs or working on a consultant basis.

I was scared and then a calm hit me on the way to school and it was like for the first time in 5 years I could relax and enjoy some down time. I am really going to push to get a few weeks off before I move to the next one.

Oh, a relaxing holiday season....if I can just get past the next two weeks of school.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas list - practical and then some

As I have been sitting here all day I keep thinking of things that would hit my Christmas list. Some of them are practical and things I will really ask for, some are things I can wish for, and others are things I will consider getting for myself at some point. Without further ado:

1. Kitchenaid food grinder attachment.

2. New phone (this is one I have to get...mine is about to crap).

3. New ring - I just need a new bauble.

4. New Necklace (and yes, money no object there are a few others that I am more partial to, but I won't even let myself go there.)

5. Purple purse

6. New bedroom linens - still looking
7. Ballet flats - leaning towards the Reva but it's still on a short list
8. Spa day! (come on boss, don't disappoint this year)
9. Money to create the bar in the house (or at least the offer of labor help)
10. New coat - this might be a purchase I make with my new found treats
11. clothes - I have my list of things I need and things I want. However, I am trying to hold off so I can lose a little more and get down a few more sizes.
12. Unmentionables.
13. Gym membership - another of those things I will end up with to help with #11.
14. New cutting boards
15. Cookbook holder
16. New pots and pans
17. Adult beverages - wine, items to stock said bar in #9.

There are a few other things but they aren't really Christmas items, more like things I have to get in the long term.

Sunday Afternoon Chili

Let me start with saying I did use a chili starter for this. It was just easier and saved me a little time. That said, I did modify so much that it was just one ingredient.

1 jar of Tabasco Original chili starter
9-8 slices of thick cut bacon, chopped
1 white onion
about 4 ounces of pork sausage (I added it because I had it on hand and didn't want to waste it)
2 tablespoons of minced garlic
2 pounds chili meat or any good red meat
1 bottle of Shiner Smokehaus beer. (the Smokehaus) was the key.
chili powder to taste
black pepper to taste
cumin to taste
hot paprika to taste
1 can Rotel (or any tomatoes with green chilis)
about 8 slices of jalapenos (I just used a few fork fulls of the nacho sliced ones)
1 or 2 cans of beans, drained, if desired (I like beans in it and all I had on hand was a 3 bean salad can with garbanzos, pintos, and navy but I used it anyway)

Yes it looks spicy. Yes, it has a little kick, but like all things, just taste till it hits your tastebuds and omit anything you think won't float your boat. I don't recommend taking out the Rotel though. It adds a little needed liquid.

1. In a dutch oven (I used my favorite blue cast iron enamel pot), add the bacon and cook at a medium low heat. The goal is to cook it while extracting enough fat to cook the onions in step 2.

2. After the bacon is cooked to your liking (I don't cook till crunchy, just browned) add in the onions and cook till translucent. Add in garlic and cook about 1-2 minutes

3. Add in chili meat and sausage. Brown.
4. Add chili starter. Take some of the beer and pour it into chili starter jar to get the remaining starter out. Pour into pot. Pour the rest of the beer into the pot.
5. Add in spices, Rotel, jalapenos, beans, and anything else that tickles your fancy.
6. Let it cook for a little or a lot. Eat when you are ready.

Pretty simple if I do say so added with some homemade skillet cornbread.. This pictures didn't come out too good but I promise the meal was perfect!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Welcome Back

Life has gotten in the way of writing. Right before I took a break, I had a bit of block and was just writing crap. Ok, so everything I write is crap, but it was even boring me.

Thankfully, work came to my rescue and gave me no time to even think about something to write. I have been working nonstop since I got back from my trip. The shit hit the fan at the office and then fell down on top of everyone. I REALLY wish I could write about it all right now but I can't. Let's just say my company is better than a best selling fiction book right about now. I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

Personally, it has also been non-stop. Between nights out with friends, work trips that allow me to see other friends, school, and trying to get the house organized it is just one big schedule to keep up with. Organizing did bring about one bonus....I found a Nordstrom gift card and 2 Nordstrom notes! Needless to say, I am going to have a little bit of fun.

Right now I am taking a small break from the house to write this post. I have a pot of chili on the stove and I must say, my first shot at it and completely making up the recipe isn't half bad. I am going to make some cornbread later today and that is what I will be eating for the next few days until Thanksgiving.

My plan this week is study the rest of the day for my Tuesday test. Wash clothes while studying, and clean up the living room and kitchen for the start of the week. I should straighten up my bathroom and I think I will do that while I am getting ready for bed tonight.

Monday is work and then home to study. Nothing fun there. I owe a friend a visit but I can't come empty handed and I don't have time to bake (but I might just throw a pie in the oven today). I also need to make a few phone calls to arrange appointments.

Tuesday is work and then test time! I have no choice but to be completely ready for this one. I have no blow off grades left. I'm not too concerned with it, I am confident I can make the grade I need.

Wedensday, I will more than likely leave the office early. I always use the excuse that I have to get ready for Turkey day and since I am the only female in the office, no one is the wiser. I have a few pies to bake and a side dish to figure out. Something green and yummy that can be made ahead of time and brought with me to my grandmothers. Me the cheese freak, has to include cheese in it as well. I will find something I am sure. I only have about 3 shelves of cookbooks I can use for inspiration.

Off to empty the dishwasher and start my pies. I also am going to be measuring my closet shelves and trying to find some baskets to go in them so that I can put my unmentionables in my closet. I get tired of having things all over my bed in the morning because I keep changing my mind and having to go out of my closet to change support garments that don't work with my choices. The goal is to turn my closet into a mini dressing room so I can have everything at my finger tips and save a little time.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Great start to a long weekend

I have been avoiding phone calls of certain neurotic boys tonight so my phone has not been answered. I got a strange number and thought it was NB trying to bypass the crazy stopping program. When the number called back a second time I just thought it was NB again. Turns out it was my advisor from school. First, the associate director calling me at 6:30 on a Thursday freaked me out. Then she said she had some options for me. Oh no, they figured out I shouldn't be in school and were kicking me out or giving me 2 year of remedial courses to make up.

Nope! I got told my old MPA classes could satisfy for 2 of my still needed classes. That gets me out a semester early!! Now, I still have a class on my course list I want to take but if it gets me out a semester early, then I am dropping it off the list and taking it again after graduation if I get the urge. Also, it isn't like I don't work somewhere I can get this training for free. And it isn't like I don't have some of the best financial minds around at my disposal. Come on, Head of Investments at a MAJOR bank, a Fed Chief Economist, and about 10 successful traders. I think I can learn what I need to from them. It also isn't like I can't go ahead and buy the books for the classes I am not taking and read them then go to my resources for help.

Wow, a way out of school!! Let the 4 day weekend begin!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Productive Weekend

This weekend was a very productive one and I wish I would have had two more days of it.

I got the house cleaned, went shopping with some friends, enjoyed some down time, did a lot of work, and got my back door frame ready to paint. By Sunday night I couldn't even stand up. I ended up hand scraping all of the paint off my back door frame, reicaulked it, and primed it. Now I am going to let it sit up while I and then repaint the door.

This weekend is my trip and I am really excited about going! It will be good to get away and NO I am not planning on seeing The Boy on this trip. Not that I would be adverse to it, I just don't think it will happen and I am not pushing for it. Nope, I just plan on enjoying my time and unwinding a little. As it always seems to be the case, I plan the trip and now I am having so much fun at home that I am fearful I am going to miss something by going out of town.

I know I need to get away for a while though so I am going to enjoy my time. The goal is to take 10 great pictures while I am gone. I am sure I will take a ton but 10 that are suitable for putting up in the house. I need art in this place!! I am just too cheap to buy it when I could easily make it.

I did realize though this morning, that when I go up there that it will have been almost a year to the day that he moved away. Who would have thought I would be where I am not when all of this started. So much has changed for me and so much has stayed the same and so much has happened that I never thought would have. Things I thought would never happen, have. It has been an interesting time and although there are parts I would love to take back, there are parts I wouldn't change for anything.

The time change finally helped me with my staying up late and over sleeping!! It only took a time change to cause it. Now time to get ready for bed and get some sleep.