Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Change is coming....oh crap

Today was a day where my stomach felt like I have spent an hour just spinning around followed my another hour of cartwheels. It is no secret change and I are not the best of friends. It doesn't like me and I don't like it. Well apparently someone forgot to tell change about our agreed relationship. My exit from my current role, just got put on steroids. I spent 5 years building a business with the goal to sell it in 7 years. We sold it in 5 years. Within 6 months, the new buyers defaulted, the franchise is stepping in to pay my boss and my job is to get it ready to flip again. Once it is flipped, I am out. We are breaking it up into 3 separate entities and one is probably already sold. I actually had a conversation with one of the big guys at the franchise and they asked what I wanted to do. I actually said, I won't be staying when they are sold; I will be moving on to the next business I have agreed to set up. All that is left for me is to help get back the business, set it up to be sold, and then train my replacements and I am out. I foresee by February, I will not be employed full time. If anything, I will be part time at both jobs or working on a consultant basis.

I was scared and then a calm hit me on the way to school and it was like for the first time in 5 years I could relax and enjoy some down time. I am really going to push to get a few weeks off before I move to the next one.

Oh, a relaxing holiday season....if I can just get past the next two weeks of school.

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