Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas list - practical and then some

As I have been sitting here all day I keep thinking of things that would hit my Christmas list. Some of them are practical and things I will really ask for, some are things I can wish for, and others are things I will consider getting for myself at some point. Without further ado:

1. Kitchenaid food grinder attachment.

2. New phone (this is one I have to get...mine is about to crap).

3. New ring - I just need a new bauble.

4. New Necklace (and yes, money no object there are a few others that I am more partial to, but I won't even let myself go there.)

5. Purple purse

6. New bedroom linens - still looking
7. Ballet flats - leaning towards the Reva but it's still on a short list
8. Spa day! (come on boss, don't disappoint this year)
9. Money to create the bar in the house (or at least the offer of labor help)
10. New coat - this might be a purchase I make with my new found treats
11. clothes - I have my list of things I need and things I want. However, I am trying to hold off so I can lose a little more and get down a few more sizes.
12. Unmentionables.
13. Gym membership - another of those things I will end up with to help with #11.
14. New cutting boards
15. Cookbook holder
16. New pots and pans
17. Adult beverages - wine, items to stock said bar in #9.

There are a few other things but they aren't really Christmas items, more like things I have to get in the long term.

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