Thursday, November 5, 2009

Great start to a long weekend

I have been avoiding phone calls of certain neurotic boys tonight so my phone has not been answered. I got a strange number and thought it was NB trying to bypass the crazy stopping program. When the number called back a second time I just thought it was NB again. Turns out it was my advisor from school. First, the associate director calling me at 6:30 on a Thursday freaked me out. Then she said she had some options for me. Oh no, they figured out I shouldn't be in school and were kicking me out or giving me 2 year of remedial courses to make up.

Nope! I got told my old MPA classes could satisfy for 2 of my still needed classes. That gets me out a semester early!! Now, I still have a class on my course list I want to take but if it gets me out a semester early, then I am dropping it off the list and taking it again after graduation if I get the urge. Also, it isn't like I don't work somewhere I can get this training for free. And it isn't like I don't have some of the best financial minds around at my disposal. Come on, Head of Investments at a MAJOR bank, a Fed Chief Economist, and about 10 successful traders. I think I can learn what I need to from them. It also isn't like I can't go ahead and buy the books for the classes I am not taking and read them then go to my resources for help.

Wow, a way out of school!! Let the 4 day weekend begin!

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